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Dennis Dawson Elliott has had a distinguished career in public affairs, advertising, marketing and medical education, predominantly in the pharmaceutical industry. Elliott had a 22-year career with Bristol-Myers with his last position as director of advertising for the U.S. Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Group, and he has led other media organizations. He is a retired professor from the School of Journalism at his alma mater Indiana University, with an academic focus in the fields of public relations, media ethics and business journalism. He has also conducted research on the use of cellular communication technology for HIV/AIDS education and patient management in Sub-Saharan Africa.


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The Cancerous 45th Presidency: A Failed Attempt at Martyrdom

Lacking governing skill or knowledge, the Trump cancer did not respect the purpose of the oversight of the executive branch. Further, Trump rejected the intent of the founding fathers in the Constitution to guard against oppressive power by any branch of the government and attempted to use the judicial branch for personal gain. Together a formula for failure.