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The Book

How did Donald Trump become president? What were his qualifications? What has he accomplished since winning the election in 2016?

The author suggests answers for those questions and others in this assessment of one of the world’s most controversial political leaders.

With great frequency, Trump has criticized his presidential election opponent and previous administrations, even after taking office, in place of offering realistic and factually supportable solutions for what he perceives to be pressing issues for the country.  Just as concerning, he continues to have little understanding of the power of words and how his declarations have potential negative implications and outcomes with multiple audiences, including Congress.

His repetitive banter has little substance, he relies on Twitter as a means of speaking loudly, and he offers little or no substantiation for his claims.  While responsible journalists, media outlets and legislative leaders have labored diligently to fact-check his remarks, Trump simply dismisses the reporting and statements as “fake news” as his errors are revealed.

This book is a challenge to all Americans to stand up and advocate for their country in reasonable, responsible and ethical ways, regardless of personal ideological leanings.  It’s also a thoughtful analysis and warning about an Armageddon of a different order already underway.